Podiatry CR Systems and the Modern Podiatry Practice

Many Podiatry offices are making the switch to Podiatry digital x-ray systems. When used in conjunction with Podiatry PACS, your podiatry clinic will experience a new wave of efficiency as a result of the digitizing of your patient's medical images.

The first step is to alter to digital medical imaging. Many podiatry offices choose to achieve this using Podiatry CR equipment. cardiff podiatrist CR digital imaging capture systems could work along with existing film x-ray equipment that you might now have in your medical office. CR systems can be used to retrofit film imagers, changing them into digital imaging devices which will produce images in the dicom format.

Another selection for Podiatry x-ray is to use the powerful Podiatry DR imaging systems currently available. DR imagers offer the greatest resolution obtainable in digital medical imaging, and make a premier choice for medical offices.

A digital image format just like jpeg, dicom images permit the medical office to utilize a host of solutions to make office workflow improve. Probably the most impressive one utilized by podiatry offices may be the Podiatry PACS software and hardware systems. A PACS system allows a pc to learn the dicom images and then use them in a number of useful ways. A PACS allows you to view digital medical images on a dicom workstation.

These digital medical images may be enhanced with zoom, crop, rotation, brightness and contrast features, making for a better x-ray and better patient care. Dicom images may then, if the workstations are connected to the Internet, be sent and received via a secure World Wide Web connection on a local area network, a wide area network or an electronic private network.